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A Checklist of Features to Look for When Selecting a Fleet Management Solution

Nowadays, in the market, there are various fleet management solutions available. So, how do you choose the right one? As per the study, the fleet management market is expected to reach $34,629 Million worldwide by 2022.

Are you confused about how to select the right needle from the haystack? Do not get panic. The right solution is not hard to find. By analyzing the essential features as per your business need is all you need to do to choose the best vehicle maintenance software from the plentiful.

Keep in mind the below-discussed features while selecting an efficient fleet management solution. It will help you to achieve a profitable operation management system for your fleet company.

1. Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the must-have features of a fleet system. Asset tracking incorporates a showing real-time movement of assets, or even tracking and monitoring immobile assets. It also lets users store data on the history of assets and their proximity to each other. You should choose a system that has an integrated GPS in it as it provides an in-depth and clustered view of vehicles and sensors.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Your chosen vehicle maintenance software should have a predictive maintenance feature. It helps to track the usage amount of a vehicle, its previous maintenance, and its durability. You do not need to maintain manual records while servicing your automobile each time. Your software should send you alerts and notifications when a particular vehicle is due for maintenance. This proactivity could save your business from unexpected losses.

3. Timely Replacement

Like a preventive maintenance feature, this feature proactively forecasts the half-life of a vehicle or its parts and warns its user the best time to sell or replace a motorized vehicle or its parts. It can help you to get a higher ROI from the sale and uphold the standard and quality of your fleet.

4. Warranty Tracking

This feature can save your large amount of unnecessary expenditure. It tracks the warranty of the fleet’s vehicles and their parts and then displays the status of a vehicle’s warranty when it comes to replacement or maintenance of a specific vehicle. 

5. Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the most significant factors that can affect your fleet company because its price get fluctuates every day. If you are running a large fleet, managing a fleet of vehicles requires a great deal of fuel. For it, fuel management is critical, and your software must be capable enough to handle it. Fuel management feature will help you to deal with market fluctuations and other factors that can affect the fuel market.

6. Route Navigation

Your chosen system must be competent, and you can able to integrate apps such as Google Maps and an asset-tracking feature. It helps to find the fastest and most efficient route to reach the destination. These days, consumers want the quickest service. Therefore, to satisfy your client’s requirement and to compete with your competitors, it is necessary to adapt software that has a route management feature in it.

7. Delivery, Scheduling, and Dispatching

Scheduling is vital for the smooth running of any business. This feature includes operations including:

  • Receiving orders from the end-user
  • Assigning the product or assignment to an accessible unit to ship
  • Having complete data on fulfillment or termination of a delivery
  • Keeping track of the free and engaged vehicles


If you want to transform your business for a better future, the above checklist of features will help you to figure out the best vehicle maintenance software. It can improve your bottom line.